Federal Candidates Answer Questions of LGBT2Q+ Concern - Victoria

Written on 09/19/2021
Taysha Jarrett

We asked all candidates running in Victoria and Esquimalt/Saanich/Sooke to answer some questions of concern to the LGBT2Q+ community. These are the answers we received.

Randall Garrison - NDP - Esquimalt/Saanich/Sooke

The need for capacity building for queer organisations, especially those representing the most marginalized among us clearly is urgent and New Democrats support doubling funding for the capacity building fund. But an action plan for our community can’t stop there. It needs to include actual actions like ending the blood ban, like banning conversion therapy and providing support to survivors, like eliminating HIV/AIDs by increasing access to testing, medications and education and ending criminalization of HIV, like ensuring gender affirming health care is available across the country, and like providing shelter and support to homeless LGBTQ+ youth.  

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Jordan Reichert - Animal Protection Party - Victoria

Youth are the cornerstone of building the next generations understanding and exposure to LGBT2Q+ issues, needs, culture, and victories. It is essential that opportunities are created at an early age for their self-expression to be fully explored, they have strong role-models, and feel safe in their explorations of their identities.

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Harley Gordon - Green Party - Esquimalt/Saanich/Sooke 

The Green party is dedicated to the advancement of LGBTQ12+ rights and will take decisive action against the harmful practices that have severe health effects such as conversion therapy. The Green Party is dismayed by the political delays in ensuring the successful ratification of the conversion therapy legislation (Bill C-6) before calling this election. As their Representative I align myself with this platform promise and will work with the government to bring this to fruition.

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