Election 2021: LGBT2Q+ Questionaire - Harley Gordon - Green Party

Written on 09/15/2021

Green Party Harley Gordon - Esquimalt/Saanich/Sooke answers questions of interest to the LGBT2Q+ community. 

What are your pronouns? 
My pronouns are he/ his/ him
Do you support ending the blood ban? 
The Green Party and I stand behind ending the discriminatory, unscientific and homophobic blood ban.
Are you in support of a bill to ban conversion therapy? If so, are you in support of retooling Bill C-6 to make it more comprehensive and allow for it to be a ban on conversion therapy regardless of age?
The Green party is dedicated to the advancement of LGBTQ12+ rights and will take decisive action against the harmful practices that have severe health effects such as conversion therapy. The Green Party is dismayed by the political delays in ensuring the successful ratification of the conversion therapy legislation (Bill C-6) before calling this election. As their Representative I align myself with this platform promise and will work with the government to bring this to fruition.
Do you agree that gender affirming surgery should become part of standardized care across Canada? What are your views on the Yukon having an effective model to build from? 
While the Green party does not have a specific plan around this they are committed to advancing the level of support and funding to the LGBTQ12+ community.
Do you agree that more needs to be done to increase Canada's support of LGBT2Q+ refugees from around the world? 
My wish is for Canada to be seen as a progressive leader in the fair and just delivery
of services to this vulnerable population
What are your views on LGBT2Q+ seniors and their need for dedicated support? 
While the focus is generally on youth this demographic is important in that they can provide essential feedback and recommendations on how to service this population in a more equitable and supportive manner. However that being said they themselves are in need of support and the Green party and myself as their representative will Fund community-driven education and awareness programs that lead to greater understanding of intersex realities and the diversity of sexualities and gender identities, and referral programs to direct for trans, non-binary and Two Spirit people to appropriate services.
What are your views on LGBT2Q+ youth and their need for dedicated support? 
As a Green Party representative I would work to uphold their platform decisions to establish a funding program within Health Canada to support community-based organizations offering targeted LGBTQI2+ youth’s mental health and well-being programs, including suicide prevention, peer support, coming out, and counselling.
What are your views on a National LGBT2Q+ Action Plan in Canada to focus strategy with deliverables, accountability, and funding to ensure LGBT2Q+ are supported in all areas of Canadian society?
I agree with the action plan and it aligns with the Green Party mandate of increasing the level of support to this community.
In closing The Green Party of Canada understands that systemic discrimination comes in many
forms, and seeks to combat it in every public arena, through fostering Indigenous self-determination,
providing a fair deal for youth, tackling identity-based hate and ensuring that the creation of a Just
Society is at the centre of all decision making
I myself strive to make a difference every day, and to remain principled and committed to the
green values of: non-violence, sustainability, social justice, ecological wisdom, participatory democracy, and respect for diversity. Please feel free to access my website to learn more about me.