Election 2021: LGBT2Q+ Questionaire - Jordan Reichert - Animal Protection Party

Written on 09/14/2021

Animal Protection Party Jordan Reichert - Victoria answers questions of interest to the LGBT2Q+ community.

What are your pronouns?


Do you support ending the blood ban?

Yes, it is long overdue for the blood ban to end and for screening policy to be implemented that is gender-neutral based on sexual behaviour, not orientation. Health Canada needs to step-up to provide the blood service agencies with the clear direction on this policy they desire, so that the issue can be resolved and discrimination against LGBT2Q+ can end.

Are you in support of a bill to ban conversion therapy? If so, are you in support of retooling Bill C-6 to make it more comprehensive and allow for it to be a ban on conversion therapy regardless of age?

Yes, the Animal Protection Party of Canada fully supports an end to conversion therapy and supports amendments to make Bill C-6 more comprehensive in banning conversion therapy regardless of age.

Do you agree that gender affirming surgery should become part of standardized care across Canada? What are your views on the Yukon having an effective model to build from?

Yes, the Animal Protection Party of Canada fully supports gender affirming surgery becoming a part of standardized care in Canada. Too many have suffered needlessly while our health care policy lagged behind the need. What the Yukon has done is identified gender affirming surgery as “life-saving” and allowed for a selective approach of expanded procedures to meet the needs of patients on their own terms.

Do you agree that more needs to be done to increase Canada's support of LGBT2Q+ refugees from around the world?

Yes, sadly there are many countries globally where laws and social attitudes continue to persecute LGBT2Q+ people, threatening their lives and well-being. Those seeking safety from physical and psychological abuse in their home country should be supported fully in their efforts to relocate to Canada should they seek it.

What are your views on LGBT2Q+ seniors and their need for dedicated support?

LGBT2Q+ seniors face increased isolation and discrimination due to different life experiences and social policy changes that occurred in their generations. Many would have lived during a time in Canada where homosexuality was criminalized and discrimination was even more prevalent than today. The lasting psychological impact of these experiences cannot be ignored and more needs to be done to support LGBT2Q+ seniors in navigating their past while introducing them to opportunities to connect with emerging LGBT2Q+ communities and create meaningful dialogue about their life experiences. Having a dedicated advocate for LGBT2Q+ seniors at the federal and provincial levels would be a good place to start.

What are your views on LGBT2Q+ youth and their need for dedicated support?

Youth are the cornerstone of building the next generations understanding and exposure to LGBT2Q+ issues, needs, culture, and victories. It is essential that opportunities are created at an early age for their self-expression to be fully explored, they have strong role-models, and feel safe in their explorations of their identities. Ensuring that LGBT2Q+ resources and support are fully funded and available in our education system and health care system are essential to achieving these goals, as well as funding for the creative expression of their culture within society through the arts.

What are your views on a National LGBT2Q+ Action Plan in Canada to focus strategy with deliverables, accountability, and funding to ensure LGBT2Q+ are supported in all areas of Canadian society?

This is a huge step forward for LGBT2Q+ people in Canada and all Canadians as it essential that this be a discussion that involves us all. While the results of the survey and specific actions are still being developed, it is a conversation that was essential to ensuring the barriers faced by the community are giving the government and public attention they deserve. Ultimately, it is about recognizing the need for institutional and social change with how we treat queer people in Canada and how they are represented in our society. It also gives a stronger framework to hold the government accountable for not meeting the needs of the community in many areas. The Animal Protection Party of Canada looks forward to the deliverables and changes that will come with the Action Plan.