What's Happening this week in Victoria! July 19 - 25, 2021

Written on 07/18/2021

Events include Queerabilities, QueerDog Comedy, Two Spirit Tea, Best in Show Drag, English Conversation Club, Umbrella Rainbow Group, 2 Spirits of BC Talking Group, QueeReads, Inner Light Yoga Nidra, QT2IPOC Dinner, Queer Stitch-Craft, Hip Hop for Him, Drag Bingo, Wellbeing Wednesday, Beyond the Binary, Death Doula Workshop, Queer Yoga, The Book of My Shames, HIM Yoga, and CragX Queer Climbing Club.

Monday, July 19 - Queerabilities - Remote Meeting - Community Care, 3 pm, presented by Queerabilities Victoria ~ Online

We are so excited to be offering the Queerabilities group, as a collaboration between the Victoria Disability Resource Center (Rowan) and AVI Health and Community Services (Marshall).
Until we are able to meet again in person, our weekly topic will be Community Care (a space of support, so socialize, share resources, and discuss our challenges and successes in navigating these difficult times).

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Monday, July 19 - Queer Dog Comedy Night, 8 pm, presented by The Vicious Poodle ~ Live

Hosted by Zane Oak

Tuesday, July 20 - Two Spirit Tea - Food, Diets & Body Image, 6:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and thehub.lgbt ~ Online

Diets, body image, and their relationships with food from an Indigenous perspective.

About Two Spirit Tea: Two Spirit Tea is a new show unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s wide range of perspectives from Pride, Indigenous beliefs, and two-spirited souls will provide discussions with depth and entertainment. Two Spirit Tea uses an array of knowledge and experiences to put forth a powerful voice on pop culture and current events.
Watch the live stream on Unicorns.LIVE

Tuesday, July 20 - Best in Show - Drag Show, 7 pm, presented by The Vicious Poodle ~ Live

Tuesday, July 20 - Summer Social - English Conversation Club, 7 pm, presented by Health Initiative for Men ~ Online

Join this Conversation night for GBT2Q Guys whose first language is not English, to practice speaking English in a safe, non-judgemental and fun virtual space. The program is fully inclusive for all Queer Guys regardless of refugee status, living here on a visa, or a Canadian citizen. Come talk it out with us!

To register, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kfumgrD8pHdxUni9HfNUjUZAA0084gYej

Tuesday, July 20 - Umbrella Rainbow Group, 7 pm, presented by Umbrella Rainbow Group ~ Online and Live

Umbrella is pleased to offer a new recovery support group for individuals that are part of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

We know that addiction affects people who identify as LGBTQ2S+ at a higher rate, and Umbrella understands the importance of a safe space to offer support and connection. Starting December 8, our facilitators Braelynne and Theo bring their knowledge, passion and lived experience to this weekly group.

* Due to COVID, we have a limit of 6 participants in person.
To secure a spot, you MUST register the day of the group, before 1pm and agree to Umbrella COVID protocols. All others will be invited to join the group by ZOOM, details below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Tuesday, July 20 - 2 Spirits of BC Talking Circle, 8 pm - 9:30 pm, presented by Four Feathers Society ~ Online

Ongoing Group, Tuesdays at 8 pm

Click the link below to join the Talking Circle 


Wednesday, July 21 - QueeReads - To Catch a Raven's Eye, 5:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and thehub.lgbt ~ Online

A companion book to Leigh Jarrett's Drakkar Coven series, To Catch a Raven's Eye is a lesbian erotic romance short story. It can be read as a standalone.
Alexis had longed for Cassandra from the first time she had set eyes on the raven shifter decades ago. Cassandra, or Caz as she was known to friends, had shown no interest in the wolfen shifter that guarded the lands they occupied together.
A spree of wolf killings by an unknown beast brings Alexis and Cassandra together with a common goal, to rid their lands of this threat.
Will their quest together bring them closer than they have ever been before?
Watch the live stream on Unicorns.LIVE

Wednesday, July 21 - Inner Light Yoga Nidra, 5:30 pm, presented by Health Initiative for Men ~ Online

“Inner Light Yoga Nidra” is a workshop that helps GBTQ2S+ men create and embrace self-affirmations that they want to live by, honour, and become with the aim of promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga nidra can be a powerful tool to help seal in self-affirmations into our unconsciousness to create new thought and behavioural patterns that supports our vision of how we want to see ourselves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to HIM or email me at edmondtc@muselifeguide.com. I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

To register, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88262720483

Wednesday, July 21 - QT2IPOC Dinner, 6 pm - 9 pm Online

Monthly QT2IPOC Dinners :) For self-identified queer, trans, and/or 2-spirit Indigenous people and/or people of colour of all ages.

For more information: qt2ipoc.foodsharing@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 21 - Queer Stitch-Craft Weekly ZOOM Hangout/Drop-in, 7 pm, presented by Queer Stitch-Craft: Victoria BC ~ Online

To find out more, join the Queer Stitch-Craft Victoria Facebook Group

Wednesday, July 21 - Hip Hop for Him, 7 pm, presented by Health Initiative for Men ~ Online

Hip-Hop for HIM is a beginner dance class where you will learn new grooves and choreography from all types of dance sub-genres that fits to (or close to) the umbrella of Hip-Hop, such as; B-Boying, Dancehall, Voguing, Waacking, Popping & Locking, Commercial, Jazz-Funk and more. Dance is not only a great physical, creative and emotional outlet, it is also a large part of LGBTQIA culture and history. During Hip-Hop for HIM, you are encouraged to dance the way you feel – you can never be “too fem” or “too masc” or “too” anything, just live your best life, and cheer on everyone around you to do the same. This is a space that celebrates you, your differences and champions living (and dancing) for yourself. Get ready to slay the house down!

To register, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYqdemqrT0oGN3AoshBn2QZH83U-gEht-Uz

This group is open to self-identified men (trans, cis, and other men), two-spirit and non-binary folks who also identify as gay, bi, queer, asexual, and/or as guys who are into/or have sex with guys (for any reason – including for work).

Wednesday, July 21 - Drag Bingo, 8 pm, presented by The Vicious Poodle ~ Live

Wednesday, July 21 - Wellbeing Wednesday - Living Alcohol Free, 8 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and thehub.lgbt ~ Online

Wellbeing Wednesday will be discussing Living Alcohol Free, de-stigmatizing the desire to quit drinking, the concept of sober curiosity, and ways to reduce your use. This episode is not just for individuals with challenges in regards to alcohol, but is an educational experience for all.

Watch the live stream on Unicorns.LIVE


Thursday, July 22 - Beyond the Binary, 6:30 pm, presented by Health Initiative for Men ~ Online

Beyond the Binary is a night of storytelling and an exploration of intimacy, gender, and kink in a panel discussion by-and-for trans, gender diverse, and Two-Spirit communities. Topics include gender affirmation and euphoria in kink, T4T relationships, responses to cisnormativity, and more! Let your freak flag fly this Pride and join local kinksters to celebrate the diversity of sexual expression and intimacy. 

For more information: https://checkhimout.ca/pride2021/beyond-the-binary/

Thursday, July 22 - Death Doula Workshop, 6:30 pm, presented by Death Doula Network of BC Online

The Death Doula Network of BC is aiming to host an online educational workshop about the unique barriers the LGBTQ2+ community faces in the health care system.

If you are interested in participating, please contact one of the following people directly: 

 Jo-Anne Haun – jo-anne@ddnbc.com 

Karen Hendrickson – karen@ddnbc.com  

Elaine Tess – elainetess@gmail.com 

Friday, July 23 - Queer Yoga, 10 am - 11:15 am ~ Live

The Queer Yoga program is for folks interested in queering yoga. It is trauma-informed and prioritizes accessibility for marginalized folks. Registration is required at dcc@coolaid.org

Friday, July 23 - The Book of My Shames, Opera Kelowna, 7:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVEthehub.lgbt, and Kelowna Pride Society ~ Online

The original solo show The Book of My Shames is thoughtful, raw and honest, with achingly funny turns. It is powered by the glowing vocals of Canadian opera star Isaiah Bell, following him through the challenges of growing up in a restrictive fundamentalist commune, making bad choices in men, and pursuing a life on the stage. Combining rapid-fire monologues and personal stories with an unorthodox array of music old and new, this “comic, wrenching, and personal tour-de-force” reminds us that desire, rejection, and acceptance are themes common to us all… Isaiah just does it with a bit of glitz, some operatic pathos, and a campy wink.

Watch the live stream on Unicorns.LIVE

Friday, July 23 - HIM Yoga, 7:30 pm, presented by Health Initiative for Men ~ Online

To attend the online session via Zoom: 

Please register and attend at: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMpduiopjIvG9aIshWI9Elri4mmz_wZXQt4 

This event is open to all GBT2Q men living across BC. 

Saturday, July 24 - CragX Queer Climbing Lesson,  6 pm, presented by GOATS (Gayest Climbers of All Time) ~ Live

Want to learn how to climb? Here's a chance to do it with fellow LGBTQ2+ folks and friends! GOATS(Gayest Climbers of All Time) is hosting a fabulous post-COVID queer climbing lesson with CragX.

Crag X has given a phenomenal discount to help make this more accessible for folks. This is a private event and the gym will be closed to the general public.
What's included for $45+tax:
- 2.5-hour group lesson
- Free harness and shoe rentals during the lesson
- Mini-membership where you can climb as much as you want for two weeks
You don't have to be a fitness buff to try out climbing. There are walls of various heights and you don't have to climb to the top of anything if you don't want to. Climbing is all about having fun 🙂
Register NOW if you want to come. The lessons usually sell out quickly.

For more information: CragX Queer Climbing