QUSIC Conversations: Cameron Lorenzo

Written on 07/02/2021
Dov Adelman

Cameron Lorenzo is a hard human to catch up with in the days leading up to their debut performance post-COVID at Friends of Dorothy's Lounge next week. Preparing for the conversation, the only information I have is their resume bio: "Hair: Blond, Eyes: Blue, Height: 5" 7, Weight: 130 lbs, Voice: Bass/Baritone D2-A4." Already, I'm enjoying how the interview is playing out.

Who are you, Lorenzo?

 "See, that's an underrated tough question. I'm not the type of person that talks about themselves, but I would say, some keys elements are that I am a singer-songwriter, recently out as non-binary." Excitingly having come out as non-binary ourselves, I chirp in to inquire more about the transformation. "I was a straight child, and then musical theatre came along, as it does, and I was hanging out with people who knew themselves." Lorenzo says they were accustomed to the fluid nature of gender and its ever-playing yin and yang flow from a young age. "That's basically me, a ball of confusion, ever-changing!"

Mostly original, the songs chosen by Cameron Lorenzo are emo-fueled melancholia - "the sadder, the better." With a little over a year since their last performance, Lorenzo hopes to bring out some of that raw emotion through their songs, especially because it will be their first time performing as a non-binary performer. "People walking down the street probably wouldn't realize I am non-binary just by looking at me most days. If I go really hard, then people would. I find when I wear crop tops or paint my nails, I get some glances; otherwise, no one really comments."

Well, not entirely everyone. Lorenzo did recount how once a homeless person at Tim Horton's demanded why Lorenzo would dare wear nail polish. "He was like, guys shouldn't paint their nails, and I was like well, okay, and then a couple of minutes later he asked me for money for a doughnut. You insulted my nails a minute ago, and now you want money. What kind of cheap date is this," laughs Lorenzo. "In terms of breaking down gender views, I try to avoid the normal thinking around it."

Pretending to be who you are not is something Lorenzo is not interested in doing anymore. "I feel like most people are a little queer, and they just throw it all into this little box and never look at it and then get depressed," Lorenzo states matter-of-factly. 

A unique, independent romantic crooner, sad emo, think 500 Days of summer mixed with any soundtrack of a Zooey Deschanel film. This young talented artist has a bubbly soul and a dynamic talent that is definitely going places. "It all started in places like Stelly's School, Shawnigan Lake School and especially the Canadian College of Performing Arts," added Lorenzo. 

During the week, Cameron Lorenzo teaches at the Canadian Forces Sailing Association, and then Friday/Saturday works as a local busker. Cameron is playing for QUSIC on July 6 at 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm at Friends of Dorothy Lounge in Victoria.

To listen to the live recording of this interview, visit the link on Soundcloud

Dov Adelman is a nonbinary artist originally from Montreal. Working in property management, Dov is a self-made artist, videographer and chronicler of cultures.

(Image Credit: Cameron Lorenzo)