QUSIC Conversations: Ms. Monica Miles

Written on 06/28/2021
Dov Adelman

The month of July is huge for the queer-focused restaurant, Friends of Dorothy Lounge, slowly making its way all over the province of B.C. - maybe one day we shall see a "Les Amis de Dorothée" in Quebec.

On July 5th, Ms. Monica Miles, one of the bar's essential hostesses, will be performing in Rebellious Unicorn's - Unicorns.LIVE's QUSIC series with music from their self-created network "Coronation Collective" aka Coro Collective TM, a local energy centre of YYJ-based creatives to help shape a new era of hip hop art and expression. 

"I'll be performing at Friends of Dorothy Lounge within the secret garden, and I'll be playing a selection of originals I have not yet released that span a certain dimension of time and space through alternative, hip hop, electronic-folk singer-songwriter music that I have engineered and produced myself in the exploration of my own gender identity, and the community I've connected with throughout," says the eloquent Ms. Monica Miles whose fashion sense pops the pupils of the beholder, always.

For Monica Miles, being queer in Victoria has been a glorious awakening. "A wonderful family of people who are fearlessly themselves." Raised in a small island town in a traditional Roman Catholic family, Ms. Monica Miles didn't have the luxury of being recognized for who they have become. Albeit that has never stopped this radiant singer from encouraging many transfeminine/transmasculine individuals to come out and discover their most authentic essence. "These are things I knew about myself but lacked the language. Music helped put those pieces together." 

Playing two sets, 40 minutes each from their upcoming album 351 Dreamland, being released in September, and some original pieces on trombone, Ms. Monica Miles is the creative director and founder of this "wonderful troupe of visual artists."  As of this year, Monica Miles has been coming out making music as Ms. Monica Miles.

"I do not know if I am doing entirely drag because my performance is more than just drag." Looking to inspire the greater community, this performance pays homage to the evolution of an identity. "I started off as Yvng Miles, a gender-fluid hip hop artist. The hip-hop community in Victoria is very closed off so I needed to create a new persona to make waves. Being Monica Miles is me to my fullest. It's a dream come true," they say with a radiant smile that could melt the wings of Icarus. 

This will not be their first time performing. Last May, they performed virtually through an unsigned B.C. sponsorship by Soundon B.C in August and September. However, "this is the FIRST TIME I will be performing as the lovely Ms. Monica Miles."

To listen to the live recording of this interview, visit the link on Soundcloud

Monica will be playing for QUSIC on July 5th at 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm at Friends of Dorothy Lounge in Victoria

Watch the live stream at 5:30 pm on Unicorns.LIVE

Dov Adelman is a nonbinary artist originally from Montreal. Working in property management, Dov is a self-made artist, videographer and chronicler of cultures.

(Image Credit: Facebook - Monica Miles)