Conversations: Adam Lamborghini

Written on 06/17/2021
David Adelman

This conversation took place at Victoria's newly reopened gay bar, The Vicious Poodle and one of the subject's very first quotes: "I'm at the age where I should appreciate my grayness because I am a bit older than the other kings." 

Their words. Not mine. Let's begin. 

Blueberry buttermilk pancakes were on the menu for both myself and the one and only Adam Lamborghini, a pillar of the queer community from Nanaimo. Let us concur on one note - the food was delicious. Running on island-time surely, but delicious nonetheless. 

While performing, Adam goes by he/him and then she/her out of drag. "I first started to perform during Pride 2016. Before that, there was a shout-out to do a Drag 101 workshop with Miss Vicki Smudge, and since I hadn't seen drag kings in Nanaimo in years, I thought it would be fun to see what it was all about. I researched and planned what I wanted to do for the workshop. Unfortunately, due to the hectic schedule of Pride, the workshop didn't happen. Since I prepared, I asked if I could perform at a lounge drag show and then the Pride Dance, and it took off after that," expressed Adam.  

Born and raised in Victoria, B.C, Adam has been performing old-school traditional masculine drag king for the past six years. "I started drag because I didn't see that many drag kings in Nanaimo, mostly queens. It hadn't taken off in Victoria at the time, and good drag king shows were many years previously in Nanaimo. When I turned 50, I thought, WTF, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. When I researched drag kings, I came across the iconic drag king Murray Hill, who said," If you don't see yourself represented, go out and represent yourself." That resonated with me." From that moment on, Adam was dedicated to building the drag community in Nanaimo. 

The name Adam Lamborghini derived from a deep respect for performer Adam Lambert. "I've grown from early on doing campy Adam Lambert songs to performing dance songs, to emotional anthems, to sexy parody songs. I always have to find a connection to the song to bring out the passion in the performance." 

When I was a mere pup, this fabulous king was participating in the 1994 Gay Games, the 25th anniversary of Stonewall and the Million Man (Person) March. "I was on a lesbian softball team at the Gay Games 94' called the VI sisters," said Adam. "We raised money to play there."  

An active member and organizer of Queer Choir, Adam cannot wait for the group to reunite in person. "One of the things I debated during COVID was whether or not I should keep on going or retire," Lamborghini says matter-of-factly. Albeit, thank the gods and goddesses, this drag king is getting ready to perform a new number dedicated to overcoming said pandemic titled: "I will survive, survive" - so hold onto your hats, everyone. 

The blue-eyed Lamborghini's final parting words to any aspiring drag king or queen, "All drag is valid. You are good enough being you." 



To listen to the live interview, follow this link to Soundcloud.

Dov Adelman is a nonbinary artist originally from Montreal. Working in property management, Dov is a self-made artist, videographer and chronicler of cultures.

(Image Credit: David Adelman)