What's Happening this week in Victoria! May 24-30, 2021

Written on 05/23/2021

Events include Queerabilities, More Keys with Matty P, The Q+ Crew,  Snowflakes & Rainbows, Umbrella Rainbow Group, 2 Spirits of BC Talking Group, Inner Light Yoga Nidra, Queer Stitch-Craft, Wellbeing Wednesday, Queeraudition - The LGBTQ+ Workshop SeriesHIM Yoga, and Canada's Drag Cabaret.

Monday, May 24 - Queerabilities - Remote Meeting - Community Care, 3 pm, presented by Queerabilities Victoria ~ Online

We are so excited to be offering the Queerabilities group, as a collaboration between the Victoria Disability Resource Center (Rowan) and AVI Health and Community Services (Marshall).
Until we are able to meet again in person, our weekly topic will be Community Care (a space of support, so socialize, share resources, and discuss our challenges and successes in navigating these difficult times).

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Monday, May 24 - More Keys with Matty P, featuring Bradley Pedwell, 8 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and thehub.lgbt ~ Online

We need more keys - More Keys with Matty P! This week, Matty welcomes a special guest, Bradley Pedwell, a singer/songwriter from Vancouver BC. On this episode we are getting interactive with the live piano bar segment, along with playing some Matty P originals and works by Bradley Pedwell. Oh yes, and the gab fest...it’s all happening! Don’t miss this episode of More Keys with Matty P on Monday, May 24th, 2021 at 8:00 PM (PST) on Unicorns.LIVE! More Keys with Matty P is available live for all Super Unicorn and On-Demand subscribers, and is available on demand 48-hours after the live show; episodes may also be purchased for $8.99+GST.

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

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Tuesday, May 25 - The Q+ Crew, 6 pm - 7:30 pm, presented by The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria  ~ Online

Mental health, culture, sexuality, and gender in a new country can feel like a lot to handle. At the Q+ Crew, we are stronger together.

Join our support group to meet new people and get the support you need with LGBTQ2S volunteers and immigrant, refuge and BIPOC youth (18-30 years old).

Registration is required. Email: rmcgeough@icavictoria.org

Tuesday, May 25 - Snowflakes & Rainbows, 6 pm, presented by Foundry Virtual and Urban Native Youth Association ~ Online

Foundry Virtual and the Urban Native Youth Association's 2-Spirit Collective are launching a virtual drop-in for Indigenous young people anywhere in BC who identify as Two-Spirit or LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, or anyone else who identifies as gender/sexual variant).

To find out more, visit the following link: https://foundrybc.ca/virtual/youth-groups/

Tuesday, May 25 - Umbrella Rainbow Group, 7 pm, presented by Umbrella Rainbow Group ~ Online and Live

Umbrella is pleased to offer a new recovery support group for individuals that are part of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

We know that addiction affects people who identify as LGBTQ2S+ at a higher rate, and Umbrella understands the importance of a safe space to offer support and connection. Starting December 8, our facilitators Braelynne and Theo bring their knowledge, passion and lived experience to this weekly group.

* Due to COVID, we have a limit of 6 participants in person.
To secure a spot, you MUST register the day of the group, before 1pm and agree to Umbrella COVID protocols. All others will be invited to join the group by ZOOM, details below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Tuesday, May 25 - 2 Spirits of BC Talking Circle, 8 pm - 9:30 pm, presented by Four Feathers SocietyOnline

Ongoing Group, Tuesdays at 8 pm

Click the link below to join the Talking Circle 


Wednesday, May 26 - Inner Light Yoga Nidra, 5:30 pm, presented by Health Initiative for Men ~ Online

“Inner Light Yoga Nidra” is a workshop that helps GBTQ2S+ men create and embrace self-affirmations that they want to live by, honour, and become with the aim of promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

To join the group, follow this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88262720483

Wednesday, May 26 - Queer Stitch-Craft Weekly ZOOM Hangout/Drop-in, 7 pm, presented by Queer Stitch-Craft: Victoria BC ~ Online

To find out more, join the Queer Stitch-Craft Victoria Facebook Group

Wednesday, May 26 - Wellbeing Wednesday - Mental Health Wellbeing, 8 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and Another Chapter ~ Online

Wellbeing Wednesday is a fun new educational series that’s hosted by Paige Mathison. Paige provides an open-minded platform to help educate and advocate for mental wellbeing! This educational experience will provide you the ability to ask questions and gain answers from a mental health professional. She is honoured to help others through their vulnerability with relevant and validating responses, which she believes is the key to positive change!

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Watch the live stream on Unicorns.LIVE

Friday, May 28 - Queeraudition - The LGBTQ+ Workshop Series, 5 pm, presented by Victoria Pride Society Youth Leadership Council ~ Online

The Queerudition Workshop Series is a bi-monthly workshop focusing on LGBTQ+ education and discussion. It is presented by the Victoria Pride Society Youth Leadership Council. All live workshops will be recorded and posted on our Instagram IGTV (@vps_youth_council). The next workshop will be on the 28th of May.
If you are interested in presenting, please email vpsyouthcouncil@gmail.com.

Friday, May 28 - HIM Yoga, 7:30 pm, presented by Health Initiative for Men ~ Online

To register, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMpduiopjIvG9aIshWI9Elri4mmz_wZXQt4

This group is open to self-identified men (trans, cis, and other men), two-spirit and non-binary folks who also identify as gay, bi, queer, asexual, and/or as guys who are into/or have sex with guys (for any reason – including for work).

Sunday, May 30 - Canada's Drag Cabaret - S1E4, 4:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and London's Haus of Drag

From coast to coast, drag performers are entertaining Canadians and propelling the art form to new heights! Join Andrew Rosser, Founder of London’s Haus of Drag, as he welcomes drag performers from across the country on Canada’s Drag Cabaret! Hear about what inspires local performers and what they are doing in their own communities, and enjoy some extra special performances that will leave you gagged! 

Host: Andrew Rosser
Presented by: Londons's Haus of Drag & Rebellious Unicorns Production Company.
Performers: Clint Liqherz, Cyril Cinder, Novocaine Injection & Rye
Cost: Subscribe to the Super Unicorn subscription plan and get unlimited access to all our shows and series. Alternatively you can purchase this one of show for $6.99+GST.
To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page
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