QUSIC Conversations: Isabella Bloodcraft

Written on 06/29/2021
Dov Adelman

This article was originally published on May 11, 2021

Screen fades to black. Giant lips appear. They look retro:

"It's astounding; Time is fleeting; Madness takes its toll. But listen closely; Not for very much longer." If that doesn't ring a bell for you, you clearly forgot how to do the Time Warp.

One such flamboyant Draculetta emerging from her coffin to electro goth chords of Excorcist's Tubular Bells infused with Bach, Toccata, and Fugue in D Minor playing. "Demons come at night to sacrifice the soul. Down this road before - there is nowhere else to go - I won't break, won't back down, until I am buried in the ground. SANITY, what do you mean, must be this curse I'm under," sings Isabella Bloodcraft – a Vancouver Island LGBT2Q+ musician whom friends call Bloodcraftz because she is always creating, writing, doodling, drawing, painting, sculpting – "something CREATIVE always".

Always having an ear for music, Isabella Bloodcraft reminisced how her music teachers always were impressed by her ability to pick up playing songs after just one listening. "I sang in the concert choir, jazz choir, played the flute, the piano, music is like black magic; always casting spells up to the stars."

Upon her 2020 release of her debut single Turn  The Lights out and The World Is On Fire, Bloodcraft is resurrecting musical golems prolifically. "Dark magic, future will be yours; I won't break, won't back down, until I'm 6 feet under," chants Bloodcraft in her latest 2021 single, "Black Magic."

"All my songs are very different," says Bloodcraft, "in terms of style and genre, Turn the Lights Out is like Daft Punk from the 80s, while Silent Night is truly a Gothic-inspired Krumpus (a song Tim Burton would truly enjoy in my opinion." Bloodcraft has undergone many transformations in her journey, metaphysically, spiritually, and physically; however, she finally has arrived at a place where she feels she can excel. "People are so quick to judge, put labels and condemn; however, one learns to navigate through and blossom. Push through, and then you will find your people."

Grateful to finally find her niche, Bloodcraft is grateful to be an artist on the island. "Especially during COVID19, as an artist, this is a beautiful place to be accepted, develop a hub and maximize the use of the internet for sales and distribution," notes Bloodcraft.

Isabella will be performing in Rebellious Unicorn's Unicorns LIVE QUSIC series on July 5th at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm at Friends of Dorothy Lounge Victoria.

Watch the live stream at 6:30 on Unicorns.LIVE

Dov Adelman is a nonbinary artist originally from Montreal. Working in property management, Dov is a self-made artist, videographer and chronicler of cultures.

(Image Credits: Isabella Bloodcraft)