GVIL Reveals Newfound Freedom and Self-Expression Through Their Music

Written on 04/27/2021
David Adelman

Heart trembling in Caracas, the artist currently living on Vancouver Island known as GVIL, stood metaphorically on the peak of Pico Bolivar 4978 meters above sea level screaming, "GOT THAT VIBE, IN THE MOOD, GOT THAT PEACH NICE AND SMOOTH, HELLA FRESH LOOKING GOOD, Ya you bet I'm that bitch."

The artist behind this new single called VIBE, GVIL is a Venezualan born - Canadian non-binary artist named Gabriel Villasmil. "I have always been an art-driven person," Villasmil recounts the constant obsession with music and its potent effect to take over one's body in the rhythm of the moment and how it "brings out a plethora of emotions."

The artist known as GVIL reveals newfound freedom and self-expression through their music, "Some songs can make me feel like I'm dripping in strength. I've always had the desire to make my own music. But I didn't think I could do it. I was afraid of being judged, bullied, and beat up more than I already was." Empowered now and no longer living in fear, GVIL recounts the horrors of living alternative lifestyles in Venezuela. 

Power is a trending theme invoked in their music, especially rooted in the feelings of ongoing strife in the current state of totalitarianism in post-Chavez Venezuela. "Back in Venezuela, where I'm from, being gay is a huge danger, and being gay on stage would be like shouting it from the mountain tops, putting a target on your head." With the world suffering from COVID, let us as readers take a moment for all those suffering, especially in Venezuela. Pause.

With what seemed like a near-death-experience ago, GVIL recounts those four long cold metallic minutes of endless eternity on stage as a fifteen-year-old at music school, with sheer terror. "Those 4 minutes felt like two embarrassing eternities on that stage. I promised myself I would beat my fear and insecurities that day after getting off the stage. I knew I needed to work on that until I felt ready to face the stage again." Vowing to beat down insecurity and fear by turning these emotions into raw creative power and refining tunes. "I'm not scared of anything anymore."

2019 allowed GVIL to immerse themselves into a new area of performing arts, sexual renaissance, and exploration through drag, "I’m nobody’s bitch”, GVIL states. “I started doing drag a few years back and met an amazing performer by the name of Griffey (Drag name: Levy Roze). Griffey suggested we start to make our own music, and the prospect of combining drag and music made it less intimidating for me. In 2019, we performed “Have You Seen Her?” and it went so well it took off from there.”

An advocate for all things QUEER! GVIL loves brainstorming beats and manifesting dope lyrics while twerking in the shower, especially during this strange stagnant time of COVID. GVIL gives thanks to the internet for enabling so much activity to be taking place at the same time that human society stands still. “I feel the demand for immediate gratification has put pressure on artists to produce as much content as possible as fast as they can. That has its benefits and liabilities. Some content needs time and patience to be created and developed to its full potential. I feel nowadays it is much harder to bring those projects to fruition without the impending feeling that you’re not doing enough to stay relevant.”

Hoping to fight representation and demonization of queer performers. “Especially, queer performers of color,” GVIL has a new EP dropping Sept 2021 with the intention set on changing the game. “I also have 3 new singles coming up. The first is called “Drop” ft. Griffey and it will come out mid-May on all platforms.”

David (Dov) Adelman is a nonbinary artist originally from Montreal. Working in property management, Dov is a self-made artist, videographer, and chronicler of cultures. Please visit youtube.com/dadelhouse 
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