What's Happening this week in Victoria! April 19 - 25, 2021

Written on 04/18/2021

Events include Basically Ella, Queerabilities, A Sip with Sparkle, #1Million Campaign, The Q+ Crew,  2 Spirits of BC Talking Group, Queer Stitch-Craft, and Queer Crafternoon.

Monday, April 19 - Basically Ella - Glitter Eyes, 12:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and thehub.lgbt ~ Online

Your eyes are already beautiful; now, make them shine like diamonds! Dance floor, daytime, anytime -- Glitter Eyes are dazzling. Ella teaches you proper technique for the most brilliant Glitter Eyes you can fathom.

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

Monday, April 19 - Queerabilities - Remote Meeting - Community Care, 3 pm, presented by Queerabilities Victoria ~ Online

We are so excited to be offering the Queerabilities group, as a collaboration between the Victoria Disability Resource Center (Rowan) and AVI Health and Community Services (Marshall).
Until we are able to meet again in person, our weekly topic will be Community Care (a space of support, so socialize, share resources, and discuss our challenges and successes in navigating these difficult times).

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Monday, April 19 - A Sip With Sparkle - My Stoner Roommate, 7 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and thehub.lgbt ~ Online

Crank up the Bob Marley and get ready to get suuuuper chill for this next episode of A Sip With Sparkle: “My Stoner Roommate”. Special guest, Alexa Nerezza, joins Sparkle on Monday, April 19, 2020; the timing of this episode is no mere coincidence with the infamous “420” being celebrated the following day for those who enjoy the devil’s grass. Featured cocktails will include the “THTea” and the aptly named “Stoner Roommate”, in honor of Sparkle’s guest -- who happens to be her IRL roomie! Get loose on Monday, April 19, 2021 on A Sip With Sparkle live at 7:00 pm PST only on Unicorns.LIVE!

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

Tuesday, April 20 - #1Million Campaign: Advocating for Your Community, 12:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and You Are Collective ~ Online

Name: Brent Carmichael
Title: Community Advocate
Topic: Advocating for Your Community

Episode five of the #1Million Campaign will be shining light on the importance of Advocating for your community in regards to mental health. Brent Carmichael will be discussing key topics such as why it's important to develop community, how community and connection can affect your mental health, the importance of role models in a variety of interests, and how to take your community advocacy to the next level!

To find out more, visit the Facebook Event Page

Watch the livestream on Unicorns.LIVE

Tuesday, April 20 - The Q+ Crew, 6 pm - 7:30 pm, presented by The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria 

Mental health, culture, sexuality, and gender in a new country can feel like a lot to handle. At the Q+ Crew, we are stronger together.

Join our support group to meet new people and get the support you need with LGBTQ2S volunteers and immigrant, refuge and BIPOC youth (18-30 years old).

Registration is required. Email: rmcgeough@icavictoria.org

Tuesday, April 20 - 2 Spirits of BC Talking Circle, 8 pm - 9:30 pm, presented by Four Feathers SocietyOnline

Ongoing Group, Tuesdays at 8 pm

Click the link below to join the Talking Circle 


Wednesday, April 21 - Queer Stitch-Craft Weekly ZOOM Hangout/Drop-in, 7 pm, presented by Queer Stitch-Craft: Victoria BC ~ Online

To find out more, join the Queer Stitch-Craft Victoria Facebook Group

Saturday, April 24 - Queer Crafternoon - Picture Frames, 1:30 pm, presented by Queer Crafternoon

Queer Crafternoon is a free monthly drop-in art space for queer, trans, and two-spirit folks of all ages along with their friends and family to craft, create, and connect!
Join us on April 24th from 1:30 to 3 on Zoom!