Book Review: ‘The Love Study’ By Kris Ripper

Written on 07/24/2021
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TitleThe Love Study
Series: The Love Study #1
Author: Kris Ripper
Published: September 29, 2020
PublisherCarina Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance; Romantic Comedy; Non-Explicit
Length: 336 Pages
Tags: Bisexual; Genderqueer; Non-Binary; Friends to Lovers; Humor; Hurt/Comfort; Opposites Attract; HEA


What happens when the search for the perfect date goes perfectly wrong?

Declan has commitment issues. He’s been an office temp for literally years now, and his friends delight in telling people that he left his last boyfriend at the altar.

And that’s all true. But he’s starting to think it’s time to start working on his issues. Maybe.

When Declan meets Sidney—a popular nonbinary YouTuber with an advice show—an opportunity presents itself: as part of The Love Study, Declan will go on a series of dates arranged by Sidney and report back on how the date went in the next episode.

The dates are…sort of blah. It’s not Sidney’s fault; the folks participating are (mostly) great people, but there’s no chemistry there. Maybe Declan’s just broken.

Or maybe the problem is that the only person he’s feeling chemistry with is Sidney.


The characters in Kris Ripper’s new novel The Love Study are unique and complex, and just plain wonderful. Leave it to Kris Ripper to write something so wholly original, poignant, and thoughtful. The Love Study made me smile, and sometimes that’s all it takes to affirm my faith in the power of love, right when I need it most!

There hasn’t been a character who affected me quite as powerfully as Sidney in a very long time. Doing their best to thrive, they’ve created a safe place where they fit into the world. I know it’s constant work, but Sidney’s careful and intelligent approach to life is a real inspiration. They are a unique and complex character, and it’s yet another testament to the extremely high quality of Kris Ripper’s writing that we only get to know them through Declan’s story.

Speaking of Declan, what reader’s heart doesn’t break just a bit when his story starts out with the statement that he left his last boyfriend at the altar? Declan and his jilted fiancé Mason have worked hard to ensure their friendship survives, along with their places in their mutual friend group. The love and support these two provide for each other is admirable.

This is Declan’s first relationship since his disastrous attempt at marriage, and to say he’s a bit of a mess is putting it mildly. He’s on very shaky ground because he thinks of himself as unable to commit, or being unworthy of someone’s love. Heck, Declan doesn’t even want a permanent position of employment and chooses to do temp work instead.

Leave it to Kris Ripper to write something so wholly original, poignant, and thoughtful. ‘The Love Study’ made me smile, and sometimes that’s all it takes to affirm my faith in the power of love, right when I need it most!

As the story progresses, it is clear what a truly amazing person Declan is. His friendships are solid, his boss adores him, and facing his fear of relationships is a great first step toward finding love in his life again. Even more courageous is how Declan opens his heart and bares his insecurities when he discovers his feelings for Sidney. I admire this guy’s ability to confront and deal with his anxiety. I have to say that I wish I had a bit more of Declan’s characteristics inside me.

The Love Study is a classic Kris Ripper novel. Centered around personal growth, this emotional story tugged on my heartstrings, and made me look at love in a new light. As with all Kris Ripper’s writing, ze propels me to think hard about my place in the world and the relationships I have with others. For all of that, The Love Study is filled with lightness and humor. Quirky characters with clever, sassy dialogue kept me smiling the whole way through.

Declan and Sidney and their eclectic group of friends are sure to be back in future episodes of Kris Ripper’s The Love Study series. Personally, I hope it’s Declan’s jilted ex Mason, but I’ll try to be patient and wait to see whose story is next!

A copy of The Love Study was provided to Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter, by Carina Press, at no cost and with no expectations in return. We offer our fair and honest opinion on behalf of our readers.

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