A Look Back: QUSIC - Matt Stern and Jessica Pickersgill

Written on 07/23/2021
Rebellious Unicorns

Jessica and Matt met serendipitously mid-pandemic thanks to Matt’s puppy, Max. Realizing they were neighbours and both musicians, they began to collaborate and never looked back. Harmonizing through waves of bittersweet longing, playful giddiness, gentle soothing and raw connection, they weave a musical palette that invites everyone in. Catch them live this summer in Victoria and Vancouver, and then, beyond.

QUSIC is a LGBT2Q+ Artist Music Series, produced by Rebellious Unicorns Production Company Inc., in which all presenting artists identify under the LGBT2Q+ spectrum. This innovative series celebrates the LGBTQ2+ community, which includes individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirit as well as a range of other gender and sexual identities. QUSIC features solo performers, duos or group acts, provided that the headlining artist identifies as LGBT2Q+.

QUSIC supports the growth and development of the Canadian music industry, highlighting artists who identify as LGBT2Q+. The music series invests in Canadian talent and will help to grow awareness of LGBT2Q+ musical artists, and helping to put money in their pockets so that they may continue to create this essential art form.

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