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Written on 07/15/2021
Rebellious Unicorns

Shows include Two Spirit Tea, QueeReads, Wellbeing Wednesday, SashaTV, and The Book of My Shames by Opera Kelowna

Tuesday, July 20 - Two Spirit Tea - Food, Diets & Body Image, 6:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and

Diets, body image, and their relationships with food from an Indigenous perspective.

About Two Spirit Tea: Two Spirit Tea is a new show unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s wide range of perspectives from Pride, Indigenous beliefs, and two-spirited souls will provide discussions with depth and entertainment. Two Spirit Tea uses an array of knowledge and experiences to put forth a powerful voice on pop culture and current events.
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Wednesday, July 21 - QueeReads - To Catch a Raven's Eye, 5:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and

A companion book to Leigh Jarrett's Drakkar Coven series, To Catch a Raven's Eye is a lesbian erotic romance short story. It can be read as a standalone.
Alexis had longed for Cassandra from the first time she had set eyes on the raven shifter decades ago. Cassandra, or Caz as she was known to friends, had shown no interest in the wolfen shifter that guarded the lands they occupied together.
A spree of wolf killings by an unknown beast brings Alexis and Cassandra together with a common goal, to rid their lands of this threat.
Will their quest together bring them closer than they have ever been before?
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Wednesday, July 21 - Wellbeing Wednesday - Living Alcohol Free, 8 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and

Wellbeing Wednesday will be discussing Living Alcohol Free, de-stigmatizing the desire to quit drinking, the concept of sober curiosity, and ways to reduce your use. This episode is not just for individuals with challenges in regards to alcohol, but is an educational experience for all.

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Thursday, July 22 - SashaTV - How to Paint a Fantasy Seascape: Water and Light, 6 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE, and

Welcome to season one of Sasha TV, “Feeling Her Fantasy,” presented by Unicorns.LIVE. Episode five will teach us, in a rather entertaining manner, how to paint a fantasy seascape - water and light 🌊 . This art tutorial is a fun way to teach you in creating realistic fantasy.

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Friday, July 23 - The Book of My Shames, Opera Kelowna, 7:30 pm, presented by Rebellious UnicornsUnicorns.LIVE,, and Kelowna Pride Society

The original solo show The Book of My Shames is thoughtful, raw and honest, with achingly funny turns. It is powered by the glowing vocals of Canadian opera star Isaiah Bell, following him through the challenges of growing up in a restrictive fundamentalist commune, making bad choices in men, and pursuing a life on the stage. Combining rapid-fire monologues and personal stories with an unorthodox array of music old and new, this “comic, wrenching, and personal tour-de-force” reminds us that desire, rejection, and acceptance are themes common to us all… Isaiah just does it with a bit of glitz, some operatic pathos, and a campy wink.

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