Book Review: ‘Full Speed Ahead’ By Beth Bolden

Written on 06/19/2021
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Title: Full Speed Ahead
Series: Food Truck Warriors #4
Author: Beth Bolden
Published: June 3, 2021
Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artist: AngstyG
Genre: Erotic Romance; Contemporary Romance; Suspense
Length: 401 Pages
Tags: Gay; M/M; Slow-Burn; Hurt/Comfort; Bodyguard; HEA; Standalone; CW: Stalking; Violence; Trauma


About Full Speed Ahead 

Lennox’s favorite escape is the Food Truck Warriors . . .until it needs his protection.

Ash isn’t running from his past—he’s already left it way behind. He’s built a business from scratch, using all the lessons that his father taught him, and every day at his food truck is a challenge he was born to tackle.

But when a stalker appears, hinting that he knows the secrets Ash has tried so hard to bury, he needs more help than his food truck friends can provide. He needs a professional.

Lennox is a mystery. He’s been coming around the Food Truck Warriors for months now, and nobody knows if that’s even his real name. But Ash is fascinated by the man, and the feeling seems to be mutual.

When the threat to Ash becomes a little too real, Lennox intervenes, and finally, the electricity between them transforms into something very much like love. But now their safety—and their hearts—are on the line.


Beth Bolden has created a vivid and colourful world with her Food Truck Warrior Series and book 4, Full Speed Ahead, adds a whole new element of suspense and intrigue to the fascinating collection. This book can certainly be read on its own but when read as part of the series, you certainly do gain deeper insight into the characters, events and relationships of the Food Truck collective.

Lennox is a stoic man and one who’s difficult to get to know. Ash is intrigued by the closed-off man and determined to crack through his veneer to see what’s inside. Readers who love a bit of the “grumpy one falls for the sunshine one” trope will enjoy this interesting dynamic! 

Something strange is going on at the Food Truck Warriors lot and Lennox’s security company is investigating. When it appears to be focussed on Ash, Lennox pours every moment into unravelling the mystery so he can keep the man safe. Lennox is drawn to the always smiling man, who is bursting through all of Lennox’s defenses like soap bubbles. 

Beth Bolden has created a vivid and colourful world with her Food Truck Warrior Series. The passionate characters and lively dialogue add to the easy-to-read feel. 

The mysterious plot in this story kept me guessing throughout the entire book; and along with the delightful slow-burn romance, I found myself swooning and gasping throughout each chapter. Following the exciting developments and observing these sweet men fall slowly in love is exactly why I read this genre. The passionate characters and lively dialogue add to the easy-to-read feel.

I hope Beth Bolden plans to write a few more books in the Food Truck Warrior Series as there are still characters we meet in Full Speed Ahead who don’t have their stories told yet. I have enjoyed every one of these books so far and you can read my reviews for books 2 & 3 here.

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