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Written on 06/12/2021
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Title: Our First & Last
Series: True-Blue #7
Author: Becca Seymour
Published: May 21,2021
Publisher: Rainbow Tree Publishing
Cover Artist: BookSmith Design
Genre: Contemporary Romance; Erotic Romance
Length: 131 Pages
Tags: Gay; M/M; Children; Coming Out; Friends to Lovers; Humor; Murse; HEA; Standalone


About Our First and Last

When a cute nurse needs to be saved during his shift in the Pride kissing booth, he’s rescued by a man he least expects. Now he just needs to figure out how to achieve the future he wants, one that will lead to a happily ever after and a place he can call home.

Ian Haughton is a loveable, hardworking nurse. He’s ready for a change and wants to escape and start afresh in the small community of towns he’s grown to love—Kirkby being at the heart. 

When the new annual Pride festival launches in this small-town community, Ian is happy to be involved but reluctant to be the lips needed to draw in the crowds at the kissing booth. That is until one man’s lips save him from an uncomfortable moment and end up turning his world on its head. 

With miles separating Ian from the future he so desperately wants, he has no idea how he can make it all work out, especially when someone appears to be driving a wedge in his plans.

Some surprises are unexpected, while some revelations come with the sweetest of first—and last—kisses.

Our First and Last is a sweet and sexy M/M romance in Becca Seymour’s bestselling True-Blue series. It can be read as a stand-alone novella, but it’s recommended you read book four, Thinking It Over, first so you have a better understanding of the wonderful characters in this world.


Hell yes!!! Our First & Last, by Becca Seymour, brings Ian and Frankie’s story to her True-Blue series. You don’t have to read about all of the guys in Kirkby before devouring Our First & Last, but you should at least read Thinking It Over as Jasper and Austin’s story is closely tied, providing a significant amount of back story on how Ian and Frankie’s friendship came to be. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Becca’s True-Blue series, which centers on love and found family in the small town of Kirkby.

Rippling with muscles, stacked and devastatingly handsome, Ian Haughton’s quiet and peaceful demeanor is at odds with his physical appearance. He has found family with his best friend Jasper and the other residents within the town of Kirkby. He desperately wants to find a nursing position in the area and move there permanently. Of course, this has nothing to do with his friendship – and secret desire – for the man who has stolen his heart. A “straight” man at that – *sigh*!

“There is a lot of emotion packed into the small number of pages comprising ‘Our First & Last’, but every word is well placed.”

Free spirit, Frankie Harrison, left home at eighteen, headed for college and subsequently traveled the world seeking the thrill that only snowboarding can provide. Frankie filled his life working at a plethora of resorts and sowing his wild oats with anyone he fancied. When tragedy struck, he moved himself and his young son, Ty, to Kirkby, confident that it was the right place to raise the boy, while creating a support system near his brother, Austin and his partner Jasper. Here is where Thinking It Over helps fill some of the gaps. 

See the connection? Just in case, Jasper and Austin live in Kirkby. Ian is Jasper’s best friend and Frankie is Austin’s brother. There you go, now you have it. For two years, Ian and Frankie’s friendship has been building. The miles between them hold Frankie back from taking the next step. Oh, and the “straight” designation that the town has placed on Frankie, is a line that Ian remains firmly behind. You know what it means to assume… it makes an ass out of you and me.

Pride is taking place in Kirby and among the many events is a kissing booth. During Ian’s turn in the booth, his creepy stalker, Leroy, sees an opportunity that Ian is desperate to avoid. When Frankie suddenly appears, Ian silently pleads with him to be rescued from Leroy’s advances. All it takes is this, their first kiss, to unlock their passion, sending the barriers between them into oblivion. Suddenly, all the subtle touches and intense connection, take on new meaning, as Ian and Frankie explore their true feelings. 

The way their story progresses at this point is spot on. They don’t deny their feelings and actually have conversations about what the future holds. Okay, so the conversation takes a backseat for a few hours as they give in to passion that’s been simmering for months, even years. Their story is low angst, except for meddling by the flea known as Leroy. They discuss the distance between them until Ian is able to find his home in Kirkby. Ty is a major part and Frankie is completely devoted to his son. But Ian has already shown as much regard for Ty as he has with Frankie. It may feel that their relationship flips from friends to lovers in an instant, but it has been two years in the making, with the love held tightly to their chests now set free.

‘Our First & Last’ is a feel-good romance not to be missed… and one my review will not spoil! 

Circling back to the assumption of Frankie’s sexuality. When the cat is out of the bag, it becomes clear that Frankie is fluid with his sexuality, detests labels and by no means intentionally misled anyone. The reactions of Kirby residents are quite humorous and it is clear that this blunder made an adorable ass of a few of those residents.  

There is a lot of emotion packed into the small number of pages comprising Our First & Last, but every word is well placed, building on the connection established in Thinking It Over and festering over time, yielding a complete road to happiness for Ian and Frankie. Our First & Last is a feel-good romance not to be missed… and one my review will not spoil! 

FYI… I found it a little difficult understanding the series order. So, here is a little True-Blue info that may help you: 

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  • I’ve Got You: Amazon Book 2, Goodreads Book 2
  • Becoming Us: Amazon Book 3, Goodreads Book 2.5
  • Thinking It Over: Amazon Book 4, Goodreads Book 3
  • Always For You: Amazon Book 5, Goodreads Book 3.5
  • It’s Not You: Amazon Book 6, Goodreads Book 4
  • Our First & Last: Amazon Book 7, Goodreads Book 4.5

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