Anti-Trans Stickers Posted in Abbotsford

Written on 06/09/2021
Staff Columnist

A transgender teen feels helpless after anti-trans stickers were posted in his Langley neighbourhood in May - The Abbotsford News reports.

Josiah, who requested that The Abby does not publish his full name, told the news outlet that he noticed them in early spring. The stickers have blatant anti-trans sentiments on them, such as “#sexnotgender” and “Trans women are men.” However, other stickers were a bit less clear and said, “Everything is transphobic.” If you search the sticker slogans online, a Facebook page pops up that ridicules the trans community.

Josiah said the stickers seemed to disappear for a while but then popped up again in May. “It’s scary that someone could hate me and not even know me,” he explained, adding that he has lived in that neighbourhood his whole life.

“I’ve probably walked past this person,” he said, wondering who has been posting them.

Josiah searched the phrases on Google and discovered these stickers have been seen as far away as London and New York. “It’s hard to know what can be done,” he added.

The Langley RCMP told The Abby that they have not had any reports about the stickers. Now, Josiah and his friends continue to remove the transphobic stickers whenever they see them and post stickers that say, “Trans rights are human rights,” instead.

A Langley activist named Brad Dirks told The Abby that something else would have to happen for hate crime charges to be laid in Canada.

He said authorities step in when anti-trans messages are aimed at a particular person, noting a 2019 Human Rights Tribunal ruling against a man who handed out pamphlets that bullied NDP candidate and trans woman, Morgane Oger.

Josiah understands that there is not much the police could do about the problem, but spotting these stickers has him feeling helpless. “Ultimately, transphobic people want to take away my voice.”

(Image Credit: The Chilliwack Progress)