A Look Back: More Keys with Matty P, featuring Cale Tian

Written on 05/25/2021
Rebellious Unicorns

Rock/pop pianist/singer/songwriter Matthew Presidente (he/him/his) has been a part of the music scene in Vancouver for nearly 20 years. Independently recording and releasing 6 full length albums, he has been involved in a wide range of musical collaborations and performances. A local Metro Vancouver resident, Matthew was raised in Tsawwassen, where he began playing piano at 10 years old. Since then he has gone on to master guitar and percussion, but considers himself a piano player by trade. Throughout 2020, he hosted an original series of at-home concerts on his YouTube channel entitled World Is Watching, and was a musical guest on the Unicorns.LIVE original series QUSIC in July 2020. Referred to as “one of — if not ­— the best singer/songwriters our LGBT scene has” by Xtra Magazine (Vancouver), Matty has performed in rosters among headliners such as Ace of Base and Dragonette.

Cale Tian is multi-talented artist living in Vancouver, BC. Not only has Cale been part of Matty P’s The World Is Watching show as a guest, the photographer and the emotional/technical support, Cale has also been singing with the Vancouver Men’s Chorus for over two years.

Born and raised in Xi’an, China, Cale has been living in Canada for almost 9 years. He found comfort in both eastern and western cultures, and find his own way to incorporate what influenced him the most and find his own style of performing.

To catch this episode of More Keys with Matty P, follow the link to Unicorns.LIVE