A Look Back: A Sip with Sparkle - Caesars

Written on 03/23/2021
Rebellious Unicorns

In honour of National Caesar Day, Sparkle brings your two tasty Caesars: "The Caesar of Life" and "The Smokey Caesar".
She twinkles, she glistens, she sparkles…and she’s the Okanagan’s cocktail queen! Join the glimmering drag star Sparkle for Sip with Sparkle!, as she concocts a bevy of beverages live on the interwebs. Known for her energy, charisma, sassy wit, and fabulous blonde hair, Sparkle serves up a delicious combination of glamour, alcohol, and witty repartee. With locally sourced ingredients and step-by-step instruction on how to create these luscious libations, you’ll be sipping (and, perhaps, snort-laughing) your way through each episode. Sounds fabulous, nest-ce pas?
Check out the livestream on the Unicorns.live on https://unicorns.live/events/a-sip-with-sparkle-caesers/