We're in Search of Creatives!

Written on 03/14/2021
Rebellious Unicorns

Artists continue to create through difficult times, sometimes discovering new inspiration under the most unusual conditions and often using art as a lifeline to get through the challenges. thehub.lgbt is beginning a new initiative to feature artists in the community and remind us that beneath the surface of lockdown and quarantine conditions, creativity continues to thrive.

What are creative artists incubating these days? How have we been resourceful in adapting our endeavours to the reality we are living in? Given that many artistic practices involve a balance of inner and outer work or a cycle of introspection and exhibition or performance, how has this balance shifted over the past year, and what may lie ahead? Many predict a cathartic explosion of artistic output if and when free gatherings become possible again. Others are not holding their breath, instead working to open up new avenues for collaboration and pave the way for new channels of virtual expression.

If you are a Victoria or Kelowna-based artist in any medium (music, dance, visual art, theatre, literature, you-name-it) and would like to have your voice amplified, you are invited to submit your information here for an opportunity to be featured on thehub.lgbt. We look forward to hearing from you!