Stop Conversion Efforts - Ban Conversion Therapy in Kelowna

Written on 10/06/2021

Sexual orientation and gender identity and expression change efforts (SOGIECE) are deeply harmful, scientifically discredited practices that target vulnerable LGBTQ2S Canadians. So-called conversion therapy is one of these harmful practices. To protect people from this cruel treatment, all levels of government should work to undermine the efforts of people and organizations conducting SOGIECE – as well as support the development of positive, affirming programs and services.

The use of language, practices, and teachings to pressure individuals to change their identity in favour of a heterosexual or cisgender identity is an everyday occurrence in our community.

As many as one in five sexual minority men (gay, bisexual, trans, Two-Spirit and queer or “GBT2Q”) report having ever experienced sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression change efforts (SOGIECE) – and of them, nearly 40 percent (or as many as 47,000 GBT2Q men in Canada) have experienced conversion therapy, interim Sex Now Survey findings show. -Feb 2020

Bylaws enacted at the local government level show the city’s LGBTQ2 residents that the local government is willing to fight for their protection and rights to self-identity.

“It’s not only a symbolic statement like raising the Pride flag or a rainbow crosswalk. It’s about actually changing the law. It’s about the structural changes that need to occur to root out systemic homophobia, transphobia, biphobia.” —Dr. Kristopher Wells

Nineteen municipalities across Canada have already enacted bylaws to ban "conversion therapy". The federal government is also in the process of criminalizing some conversion therapy practices. We're calling on the City of Kelowna to enact a ban on conversion therapy and support the federal government in criminalizing these harmful practices.

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