Basically Ella - Witchy Glam

Tuesday, October 26 2021 from 09:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Content Rating: 14+: Suitable for viewers 14-17 with parental guidance suggested. May contain coarse language, mature content. 


Get ready for Episode 14 because Ella is going to show us a Witchy Glam look - It isn’t going to be spooky... Just slightly eerie. Even though Ella’s an expert in fashion and makeup, her true skills are the fabulous ability to bring smiles, humour, and care to every show. Join us for this fun episode - we promise even if you have troubles following the makeup tricks you will not have troubles smiling :) 


Pricing: Basically Ella is available live for all Super Unicorn subscribers, and is available on demand 48-hours after the live show; non subscribers can purchase individual episodes for $1.99. 


About Basically Ella 

Basically Ella features basic makeup and beauty tips in a tidy 10-20 min package, as demonstrated by beloved drag queen and makeup artist, Ella Lamoureux. She’s not just a pretty face — Ella knows how to make everything fabulous with her talents and professional training. Through easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, Ella will show you how to raise your face game.


About Ella Lamoureux

Ella Lamoureux is one of the founding queens of the Kelowna drag scene. From Kelowna’s Next Drag Superstar drag competition, to Embodiment, to #2muffs1collr and everything in between, Ella has carved out her place as one of the most influential and stunning queens in Kelowna. A makeup artist by trade, Ella will eternally tease you with her beauty. But, watch out if you displease her — that tongue is quick and sharper than you think! She’s generally “as sweet as cherry pie” and she brings so much love and joy to the community. A true charmer, Ella Lamoureux is Kelowna’s Sweetheart.