Two Spirit Tea - Call Me Mother Episode 1

Wednesday, October 27 2021 from 03:30 AM to 04:15 AM

Content Rating: PG: Parental Guidance – Parental guidance is suggested for designated age range (7-13 yrs); some material may not be suitable for all children due to coarse language. 


The one and only Two-Spirit-Tea Host Ella Lamoureux will be starring on the new Canadian Drag TV series, Call Me Mother! Call Me Mother is a drag competition that will put up-and-coming drag performers to the test in group challenges. What is it genuinely like to be a professional drag performer? Get the inside scoop from Ella, Tuesday, October 26th, 2021, at 6:30 PM (PST) on Unicorns.LIVE.


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About Two Spirit Tea

Two Spirit Tea is a new show unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s wide range of perspectives from Pride, Indigenous beliefs, and two-spirited souls will provide discussions with depth and entertainment. Two Spirit Tea uses an array of knowledge and experiences to put forth a powerful voice on pop culture and current events.


About The Hosts

Ella Lamoureux/Dustin Dufault 

Ella Lamoureux and Dustin Dufault, one in the same yet boldly different, is the starring host for Two Spirit Tea.


Dustin Dufault is a two-spirited person from the Yukon Territory. A proud Kaska Dena First Nations individual. Growing up in small northern towns he’s had to suppress her individuality and learn to express himself in a multitude of alternative ways. Art and performing were her outlets. Learning to love the journey was the first step in their happiness. Dustin became enamoured with Drag and later developed her drag personality 


Ella Lamoureux. Expressing himself in an extreme feminine way taught him that femininity is not to be avoided but embraced. Through drag she’s realized that Dustin and Ella are not separate people but one person. Just shown with a different light. Growing up fabulous in the North has many tough lessons but s/he would not be the person they are today without those lessons.


Simma Downe/Mitchel Bowers

Simma Downe aka Mitchel Bowers grew up in a small rural town in central Ontario. Growing up he was taught many traditional Métis teachings. Being in small town with the pressures of colonialism and Christianity, they struggled to embrace their femininity and queer identity. Suppressing this side of himself lead to a lot of anger and self loathing. The journey to self acceptance was a long one but after moving to Halifax they were introduced to drag. Combining the arts and embracing femininity lead to a world of self discovery. It was through Simma that Mitchel started to question the colonial views that were projected on him and learned to embrace her 2 spirit identity. Performing in drag for 5 years now they have one numerous awards including Fort McMurray's Top 50 Under 50, Excellence in Arts Award and two Pride YMM Leadership awards.